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Our changing world and the mounting risk of a calamitous solar storm

As Earth’s magnetic poles continue to shift our likely nemesis is a massive solar storm


Dinosaurs were wiped out by a 5 km diameter asteroid that smashed into the coast of Mexico but our more likely nemesis is a massive solar storm which would disable power grids, computer networks and satellites. Dr Joseph Pelton argues that the scenario is becoming ever more likely as Earth’s magnetic poles continue to shift, leading to a serious reduction in the radiation shielding capacity of the Van Allen belts.

In our search of the cosmos for planets that might support intelligent life we have now begun to realise that the existence of what are called ‘Goldilocks worlds’ may very well be rare indeed. And by Goldilocks worlds we mean planets that are just right - not too cold and not too hot. We also mean a planet with water and natural resources as well as an atmosphere and a magnetic field to support life systems and protect them from stellar heat and radiation and coronal mass ejections (CME). But the question of relevance is: Just how safe is Earth from cosmic dangers? We humans, in fact, have become somewhat complacent about the natural protective systems that our six-sextillion ton spacecraft has to protect us from - solar storms, comets, asteroids, and cosmic rays. We forget that our atmosphere and our naturally formed Van Allen belts held in place by the Earth’s magnetic poles serve to shield us from massive blasts of ions that periodically travel from the Sun. These so-called coronal mass ejections travel at millions of kilometres an hour. If one of these CMEs were to hit Earth head-on, it would have the power to create natural electro-magnetic pulses (EMPs) far more effectively than a thermonuclear blast.

Read more about Dr. Pelton's direct challenge to the space agencies of the world and what he says could ultimately lead to the downfall of the human race unless they wake up to the danger and begin to take action in the full version of the article, now available online to our subscribers.


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